Diamonds are a great investment for excellence. All of our blisters contain the diamond and the GIA, IGI, or HRD certification that proves the quality grade. Each diamond has a unique serial code that can be identified by any professional gemmologist.

Diamonds as wonderful Gifts, for baptisms, birthdays, & other Special occasions.

For a new birth, or a particular event, a certified blister diamond is the best gift you can give. A new tradition which is becoming more and more popular each year, a precious and discreet gift. Below you can find a selection of diamonds for different price ranges. Each diamond is packaged in a sealed blister and comes with a certificate from, GIA, IGI, or HRD, the highest certification authorities. The certificate guarantees the authenticity of the diamond and ensures instant and guaranteed resale in the future.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings as a sign of true love. Available in white gold with different frames. Engagement rings in white gold with diamonds, in a large selection of different sizes. In this selection you can find rings already created and available for immediate shipment, we also offer the possibility of customizing your ring, in which you can select the frame of the ring from 12 different models and select a diamond of different size/weight according to your budget. If you have need a hand in choosing a ring, or you want to ask about the different features of our diamonds, you can contact an expert directly in live chat or by phone.